Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It seems weird to me that I haven't posted in over a week. I guess nothing has been intriguing enough to write about this week, although it seems all kinds of things have been happening.

First, I did not get accepted to work for Teach for America, which I am totally cool with. A huge part of me did not want to do it, but I think I would have talked myself into it if I had got it, so I'm glad I don't have to now make a tough decision.

Instead I'm going to apply to go to school in Louisville Kentucky. Yep, that's right. Kentucky. The PhD program in Humanities looks awesome, and I've realized that what I really really want to do is teach Humanities. I love the Humanities. It's what I do and it's what I'm good at and it's what I want to continue doing. Kentucky looks wonderful.

So I'll take my time this summer and defend my thesis in October, graduating then in December. I'll work on making an awesome application for the University of Louisville and try to save up some extra money because in January i will be checking off one of the things on my life's to do list and move to New York for a few months while I wait to see if I get accepted to grad school. I'll do some odd jobs and hang out. I even already have a place set up for me to live.

Also I got this nifty little pedometer for like 2 dollars, and so I used it today just because I'm curious how much i walk in a normal average day of hanging out at school, and it says that today I took about 8006 steps. I wonder how accurate it is, but it's kind of cool to think that I made 8000 steps. I wonder how much it will be for when i go to school and work on the same day.


  1. Sweet! Where did you get the pedometer?

  2. On Amazon. I think it came to 2 or 3 dollars only.

  3. im excited about all your plans. is interesting how a few months ago you seemed to be so indecisive about your future. now things are falling into place. i love when that happen.