Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fix it ticket

I got pulled over by a cop today. It was the first time I've ever been pulled over, and it was a very weird experience. I know I didn't break any laws. I wasn't speeding, I thought I had signaled when I turned, so I wasn't freaking out or feeling guilty or anything. When he told me that my break lights and turning signals were out I wasn't too surprised. I've been having issues with them, and have had them fixed at least 3 times. So I got a "fix-it" warning that I have to take to the police station and have signed within two weeks. No biggy.

The cop asked how many tickets I've had in the past and was surprised when I said none, because I am a good person and a good driver and am very careful. I was made a bit uncomfortable by the other questions he asked me, like if the car was mine and how long I've had it, if I had any illegal things in the car (like I'd readily tell him if I did, yeah?). One thing I'm scared about in my life is being wrongfully accused of something, getting into trouble for something I didn't do. It's something I think about every once in a while. If I'm going to get into trouble I'd like to have enjoyed the crime first, ya know?

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  1. Yeah, when I got pulled over on Tuesday because my registration was expired, the cop asked me all these personal questions like if I work or go to school, what I do all day long, who I live with etc. It was kinda creepy.