Thursday, November 5, 2009

eyes or ears

I am weird when it comes to reading. I have a hard time focusing on words on a page and so I've started listening to books on tape recently. Right now I'm listening to A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, and I like it. My problem is that I don't read often so when I do I can't stop. If I stop I often don't start up again and then I leave the thing unfinished. I want to finish it in one sitting and so I'll read, or listen to a book, until I'm sick. I listened to four hours today of this book and I have a headache and a backache and my brain feels numb. I noticed my own inner dialogue is starting to sound like the reader's voice. But I have to get through it. There is not time enough in the world to read all the books I want to read, so I have to just suck it up and listen to it as much as I can. I just downloaded Whuthering Heights and I think I'll start it tonight when I go to bed. I'm considering getting something huge like the Brothers Karamazov, which is 34 hours long, because I don't think I could get through that book otherwise. An hour a day of that and it will only take me a month to listen to. It's tempting.

I've been wondering, however. Is listening to a book on tape and forgoing the act of actually reading bad? I have to admit that sometimes I just want to pick up a copy of the book I'm listening to and read it. I'd probably get through it faster. Am I losing something in doing it this way?

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  1. I am reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn as well. as a matter of fact, I lost my copy in the train so had to go check it out at the library. I started beginning of the semester and because school is so busy I haven't been able to finish it, which is so frustrating as I really love it! maybe this weekend after I turn in my thesis prospectus ill finish it. btw, i dont think is wrong to listen to a book instead of reading it? i personally like reading, but i know that not everyone is the same. at least you are making an effort.