Friday, May 11, 2012


I feel like life has been pretty intense since school got out. Colors are bright in May. Food tastes better when it's humid and hot. Nothing gets done but I'm exhausted at the end of every day. I play video games now. I sing more often, and I sing louder than I ever have. I listen to simple songs over and over again. I play them on the ukulele until they annoy me. I plant flowers and the flowers distract me when I'm trying to study. How can I read when there are seven pots of plants next to me? Life exists in front of me and it is so vivid. So I can't help but stare and watch and nothing really happens, but all of it is happening. And it is all right there.

I planted these and they're still alive. 
T and I watch an episode of the Dick Van Dyke show (or two or three) every time we hang out. Now that is some solid comedy. I'm always surprised at how much I laugh and how much joy the show gives me. (And because it was aired in 1961 there are always some pretty problematic and sexist issues T and I can talk about). A great deal of my life right now revolves around television. I watched the latest episode of Parks and Recreation today and I sobbed because that show is about making sacrifices for the people you care about, helping them achieve their dreams, being there for them, building communities. It is such a positive show. It's always been a bright spot in my life when I spend a great deal of my days thinking about the possibilities of meaninglessness, the certainty of death. Thank goodness for tv, and for friends, and for steaks and cupcakes and karaoke. And the ukulele, and maybe even for Kentucky. (also, k is apparently the letter of the day).

Our favorite: steak, mashed potatoes, spinach salad, homemade boba tea, and Dick Van Dyke

Quinoa cupcakes with lavender frosting 
T and I.B. on the balcony. 

The most beautiful day

I.B. loves Fuchsia 

T and B (aka The Twins) are so cute

Tea party! 

And, as promised, here is the poem I wrote for my Renaissance/critical theory class (that sucked! did I mention that?) 

To his sweet still trembling tender youth I write
These feeble rhymes. To courage, to victory wrought
By a greater power, by Love, a force unsought
But known. His heart still racing from the fight,

From victory's drug his muscles twitch, alight
With life. And Love, her Holiness, has caught
My heart, ensnared with beauty every thought
Of him, his triumph, his sweet submissive might.

To my own still trembling heart I hold my prize:
A body lithe, a spirit blessed by Fate.
To him, his wisdom, beauty, grace, I sing, 

Upon his youthful slender frame my eyes
Like warm hands linger, trace, and consummate
His quest for glory. O my child, my king.  

Also, here's the adorable Brazilian song I've been listening to (and learning to sing and play on the uke) 

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