Friday, July 31, 2009

Fire in the disco! Fire in the Taco Bell!

I have eaten twice at Taco Bell this week. That's right. Twice. Two times. Two days in a row. And it makes me sick. Figuratively and literally. So why did I do it? Twice? Because of the damned 79 cent menu. They actually sell food for 79 cents! Who does that anymore? No one, that's who. And so I couldn't help my poor self. I watched a show on the History Channel the other week (I refuse to call it just "History" like they want me to) about fast food and they did a section on Taco Bell. It was interesting how someone took the idea of KFC and McDonald's and applied it to Mexican food, which really is already "fast" which you'd know if you've ever been to a taco shop. It takes just as long for them to make a real taco as Taco Bell makes their uber-processed crap they like to call tacos. Anyway, on the show they had someone demonstrate how they make a taco, and as she did it she kept referring to the taco as the "food product" as in "Now I place the food product in the fryer" and "Now I will enjoy the food product". It really weirded me out. I mean, why couldn't she just say taco? I vowed never again to eat at Taco Bell. Until yesterday when I saw that I could get said food product for 79 cents and then again today when I had a dollar in my purse and remembered the food product I didn't really enjoy yesterday that was available for me at that fine eating establishment for only 79 cents. I don't feel too good now. Morally and physically.

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  1. food product? super funny.

    p.s. which taco bell did you at? the one at the Y? because that one is even worse than the other taco bells.