Saturday, July 18, 2009


My sisters, brother-in-law and I decided to go on a picnic in the mountains today. Just a nice lunch in the cool air by a big lake. We even bought some gear to catch crawfish in case we found any. When we got into the car Haley predicted that the day would turn into a farce, and then we headed out. First we went to the store where we spent $50 just on picnic food. We didn't even get that much stuff, just things to make sandwiches, some chips and a bag of oreos. It was also a bit of a madhouse in the store because everyone was gearing up for their weekend in the mountains. This should have been a warning. We drove the 35 miles up the mountains to Mirror Lake where there were more people than in Kamas. There was not a picnic table open, so we decided to leave and go to where I had first suggested, another 50 miles away, back through Kamas and up another canyon. We thought about stopping at another place, but Lindy was set on being near a body of water. When we got to Mill Hollow, after driving two miles on a dirt road and being in the car for almost three hours, we approached the reservoir only to find that it was in fact gone. Seriously, the lake was gone, emptied out, with only a small stream running through to what is now a measly pond. Wonderful. We decided to just park and make our food, which disapeared in about five minutes because we were so hungry. So Lindy, Jaime and I decided to walk down to the stream, a delicate lovely little thing. Lindy and I frolicked about and then she fell in the mud. Which was funny, except that her camera got covered in water and mud and is now no longer working.

Here's a picture of the empty lake. Still pretty.

Life is always an adventure with these people.

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