Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Every year I get into a holiday slump where I stop caring about anything but getting my presents ready. This last year was particularly bad because I was staying up way too late, sleeping in way too late just to get enough hours to make me get up and mope around the house for a little bit before I started watching movies until the wee hours of the morning. I stopped doing anything good for my health. I didn't exercise or eat properly. In fact, I ate very poorly and quite a lot.

Well, I like the New Year, mostly because that means the holidays are over and I'm forced to get
back to my real life. Everything changes, and my body is really feeling the effects of overindulging for the last two months. I've gained weight and am now back to where I was in high school before I came to college and lost it all by just walking around and eating better. That's a low for me because I hoped I would never be at that weight again. I have a bad knee that has just gotten worse, so exercising is hard for me, but I'm sure it will get better if I lose some weight. And I'm just not feeling good.

So, things are new now in this new year. I'm going to bed at a reasonable hour and getting up early, and I love it. I feel so good when I get up around 7, after I rub the sleepiness out of my eyes I feel clear headed and wide awake. So, this has changed. As far as everything else I know what I need to do be healthier. I just have to exercise every day and eat more moderately. I have to push myself a little bit since it has got this bad, but I can do it. It's important to me to feel better, to feel healthy again.

Today I have to finish revising my writing samples for my PhD program applications that are due on Friday, then I have a meeting at 3:00. So, at 4:00 when I'm done with everything I'm going to go to the gym. That's a good start, and I'm excited.

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  1. lets get healthy indian food at the bombay house and exercise together! yay!