Sunday, January 10, 2010


My life got busy this last week, which was a welcome change, but I'm already starting to get a little tired from the new schedule, and I'm already behind in my school work. I'm not sure how I managed it, but on top of starting a new class and a new TAing job, and working on my grad school applications, I also watched a season and a half of a new show. I can't feel too guilty for it, because it really helped me get through a huge project that I've been working on and need to finish by this week. The downside is that I kind of became slightly obsessed with this show. I watched 5 hours of it on Thursday, 4 hours on Friday and 3 on Saturday. Then throughout the week I went over to a friend's and watched hours of old Buffy episodes and a few movies. I also managed to watch some old Doctor Who episodes in addition to the new one that aired last weekend.

So, my life pretty much revolves around television. Last night at a friend's house we were thinking of something to do after we watched a movie and my suggestions were to watch more movies or go get some food, and then realized that all I ever do is consume. I consume media and food. However, right now I'm not yet at the point to put a stop to it all. I love my shows and movies, and I'm sure that if I were in a world with fewer visual narratives I'd be addicted to novels, to the characters and their lives and their stories. And seriously, how different is a Jane Austen novel from a British teen drama? I watched Persuasion last night and I can tell you, not much.

I will hold back a little. Life isn't just about stories, although since my intended career is to research and write about stories, I guess my life kind of is. Nevertheless, I can't neglect doing my reading for class just because I want to watch my stories. ha. I have to learn to buckle down and do the work if I want to be able to talk about this stuff intelligently.

My little sister sent me an email today, and I loved it. I'm going to share its contents here :
You're not online, and I have things to say at you. I'm watching the first episode of Kingdom at the moment and it's like a lovely warm blanket of Stephen Fry and the English countryside.

Also, last night I watched Dead Alive. That was too awesome. I loved the end with the lawnmower!

I also just watched The Meaning of Life with the commentary with both of the Terrys and it seems like they also think The Crimson Permanent Assurance is boring. Apparently Gilliam just wanted to make a short film and he was off in another studio while Terry Jones was shooting the funny parts of the movie. I don't think any of the Pythons do commentaries in the same room. It's weird to hear their separate commentaries spliced together. I like it when people have conversations in commentaries, you know?

I miss you! Have a lovely Sunday.

Maybe to everyone else it's not so great, but to me it's wonderful. She emailed me specifically to talk about teevee and movies. I love her so much.

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