Tuesday, February 17, 2009

10 good things.

My lovely friend Alicia was telling me today that when she was little and got mad or frustrated for whatever reason her mom would have her write down 10 things that were good. It sounds like a good idea and since I want to try to be more positive and cheerful I thought I'd try it out.

1. The Peace Lily my sister gave me for Christmas. I see it's growing and getting bigger, it always has lovely white flowers, and it helps separate my desk from my supervisor's which helps with awkwardness.
2. This nice blue pen I have to write with.
3. Wintergreen breathsavers.
4. This book I'm listening to on tape called Assassination Vacation which is both nerdy and funny.
5. It stopped raining/snowing
6. I have a ride home from work today.
7. Andrew Bird's new album
8. I'm going to see Andrew Bird in concert next week!
9. Paul McCartney's new album doesn't suck.
10. I might get to play rockband tonight.

1 comment:

  1. i need to get andrew bird's new album.maybe ill burn it when i come to utah.