Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our life is not a movie or maybe

I had a weird dream the other night that I was in the tv show 24. Now, I've never actually seen that particular program, and since I don't watch television I can't even say that I've seen ads for it, nor do I know anyone who watches the show and have only heard passing references to it. But there I was, with Keifer doing whatever it is he does on that show. I don't remember, but I do recall being very excited.

I did buy The Lost Boys that day, so I guess Keifer Sutherland was on the brain, although I didn't watch the film until the following day...

I've been watching a lot of films lately, and I think I'd like to try to keep track of them all. Here are some I've seen in the last couple of weeks:
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Diary of the Dead
Wings of Desire (1987)
The Orphanage
Death Becomes Her
The Fountain
The Others
La Jetee
Stranger Than Fiction
The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys
wasn't as good as I remembered it. It seemed to move too fast for me this time, but I still welcomed the familar images. I must have seen that movie a thousand times when I was little. Wings of Desire was wonderful: beautiful, poetic, deliberately paced, gorgeously shot. The Orphanage was scary, but also very sad and poignant. The Fountain was a little weird for me...especially Hugh Jackman as a floating Buddha. Death Becomes Her is a classic and I hadn't seen it in years, but I was quite impressed with the visual effects and I love Meryl Streep so much. Stranger Than Fiction is one of my most favorite films ever. I'm writing a little paper on it this week so I'll probably watch it again. It makes me happy that I've seen this many films so far this year. I'm sad I didn't go to Sundance this last week though. And I haven't actually been out to a movie in weeks, but I'll try to find some time this week to go see Benjamin Button


  1. Darn it, I wanted to see Death Becomes Her.

  2. I loved Benjamin Button. unfortunately some of my friends thought it was weird.