Thursday, January 29, 2009


This is post is seriously about waterfowl.

I saw the most beautiful birds yesterday in south Provo on my way to work. There's a canal running next to the Novell parking lot where I walk from the bus stop to my job every other day, and on Monday when it was cold and snowy there was a mist coming off of it and ducks were swimming around. Yesterday there were these curious animals that weren't ducks or geese, but looked like a mix between the two. They had rounder, dark gray, bodies and very long legs. Their necks and head were stark black and they had these short little white beaks. You couldn't see their eyes at all. Unlike ducks they were graceful, unlike geese they were darling. I don't care much for ducks or geese, but I loved these beautiful little birds. Ducks are stupid and geese are just mean, and I don't even understand why they have to chase people. The devil's birds, I call them.

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  1. today you are talking about ducks, so I hope you are feeling better about dating... I read your last post and felt so sad. It's been a mistery to me too how people find people and get married, and even more, why some are happy in marriage and some are not. It's still a mistery. The fact that I am married to a good man is just a miracle, I think, nothing that I did or deserved on my own. So, I asked my husband, what do boys look for in girls? He said: Three things - personality, attraction, and spirituality. I guess what those things mean are different for each person. But in the end you gotta be true to yourself. That girl from you class, how can she be truly happy is she is not herself, pretending to be someone else just to get a guy? and where is guarantee that he really loves HER for who she is? And, where is guarantee that a fake marriage like would last, anyway?