Saturday, January 24, 2009

Let's go for a walk

This is the first Saturday in weeks that I haven't had to go in to work. I worked really hard at the beginning of the week on the holiday while everyone else was out having fun and I successfully made all my hours in two days. So today I relax. I clean my house and go to the store and do my laundry. I read and watch movies and do something artistic.

I'll be walking to the store. I've been thinking about walking a lot lately while still not actually doing much of it. I know that my lazy lifestyle is not healthy for me or the environment, but having a car makes life so much easier. Except my car has only made my life so much more difficult, and I'm anxious to not have to rely on a car ever again. At least not this one. I realized this yesterday as I was walking towards my car after work and my heart started racing and I got a terrible sick feeling. "What if it doesn't start? What if it stalls in the middle of an intersection? What if it blows up?" I'm scared of driving. I'm not scared of getting into an accident; I'm actually scared of my own car. I learned this fall that a car can turn on you, that you could be innocently standing by when the radiator decides to blow up in your face. It wasn't my car that did that, but it still has made me kind of skittish.

I have a bus pass and I will start to use it regularly. It's winter and it's cold, but I don't mind walking in it. People use public transportation. People walk. Why can't I? Because I am lazy, that's why. I figure, however, that laziness will not get my anywhere this summer when I'm backpacking through Europe and that if I don't want to be in pain and miserable during that time I should just get used to walking.

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  1. Euro tour 2009! yeah baby!

    p.s. this is my last comment on your blog for today. i feel like a total stalker reading each one of your posts.